5 steps to master sprint planning.

Step 1: Mind the roadmap

Get a quick overview of the roadmap and track its progress

Step 2: Have an updated list of user stories before the sprint planning meeting

A list of user stories along with bugs, enhancements, and subtasks
An updated user story with description, linked commits and branches.

Step 3: Estimate user stories and tasks

When you haven’t thought about what you’re going to do, you can’t know how long it will take.
~ Joel Spolsky, CEO of Stack Overflow

Step 4: Come up with a clear sprint goal

Your sprint goal intersects with your customer’s problem at a specific touchpoint. The software you deliver at this intersection is another opportunity to “wow” them and gain their loyalty.

Step 5: Collaboratively plan a sprint backlog

When you involve your team in the sprint planning process, you don’t have to run behind them every other day asking for updates. Because they’re motivated by a far greater power — extreme ownership.

Key points to remember during the sprint planning meeting

Get the Sprint planning template: So you can streamline the entire process!

A template of a sprint plan in progress



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