How to identify and make product improvements?

What is product improvement?

4-step process to identify product improvement opportunities for an existing product

1. Map feature usage to your user’s product journey

An example of a flow diagram on Amplitude

2. Measure feature success throughout the journey

Half the battle with identifying if a feature is used for its original intent is understanding of why users used them in the first place.

3. Find the correlation between feature usages and business goals

Calculating users who used feature for a certain number of times and did goal or didn’t do goal
Formula to calculate Phi’s correlation coefficient

4. Identifying what improvement to work on

Product improvement examples at Zepel

An improved Git Workflow Automation in Zepel
Improvement made to an item’s details pop-up to allow users to add subtasks

Final thoughts on product improvement

Without context, data is plain numbers represented with fancy charts.



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